Cyborg 009: Legend of the Super Galaxy

Young (in celestial terms) cat goddess Mayu eternal antics angered his strict mother - guardian of the celestial pantries.

As punishment, she was deprived of most of the abilities and exiled to the human world - to think about behavior. For several years, Mayu lives in a small shop, “A thousand little things”, which runs a beautiful and economic Suzu. Young housewife respected by all the surrounding deities kami, especially the local fox god of Gaunt, and often drop by May visitors from distant places, even out of the Heavenly City. Let’s shop barely making ends meet, but to live there just is not boring!

And when bored if friendly company Mayu, Suzu, shingles and joined them eternal friends, rivals and Susana Meiko forced to constantly face new challenges - from the sudden coming of the goddess of poverty to delay flowering cherry? Let Shinto deities are many, but their lives are too hard, because to follow the capricious nature or unreasonable and capricious people - not exactly sugar. But the divine daily can be much more interesting man!

В инете есть дажей гей знакомства, а девушек там нет, которые бы предложили эскорт услуги по дешевке. Им нужны бляди, путаны и индивидуалки, которые будут давать в задницу. Пацаны же хотят увидеть большую грудь, размером с апельсин. Сиськи должны быть гигантскими, чтобы возбудить самца человека.