Zero Zero Nine One

In a world where the Cold War has not ended and continues to this day, 140 years later, people were divided into two factions: a coalition of Western and Eastern Coalition.

With each new day of the war tension between the two sides, with the number of nuclear weapons, with each of them, it is growing rapidly. And no end to this battle for technological and political supremacy.

In this world lives Mylene Hoffman - field commander of an elite unit “Two Zero”, created in the West. Its mission - to monitor the enemy and perform a variety of orders superiors. For Milen there are no barriers, and she cleverly uses it by going to the new, seemingly hopeless task.

В инете есть дажей гей знакомства, а девушек там нет, которые бы предложили эскорт услуги по дешевке. Им нужны бляди, путаны и индивидуалки, которые будут давать в задницу. Пацаны же хотят увидеть большую грудь, размером с апельсин. Сиськи должны быть гигантскими, чтобы возбудить самца человека.