Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni!

Akihisa ?sii still studying in the 11-F class Fumidzuki Academy, which is ruled by the principle of “survival of the fittest.

” Unique summoned avatars allows the heroes to fight in the “school wars”, moving up the stairs of the academic hierarchy. But the guys from the close-knit group Akihisy as true samurai are not fighting for despicable worldly goods, but for the truth and justice that has brought them fame and prestige among students and teachers. Thus was born the “inner circle” - a unique alliance of blockheads in the class “F” and the know-alls of the Class “A” related friendship, kinship, and romantic relationships.

Now, the battle for the championship lost their meaning, and to the fore in the close company of heroes of the series solution out personal issues, unraveling complex polygons, and just getting pleasure from the “spring of youth.” But why everything, including the attention of the local beauties, revolves around Akihisy, which has been and remains the first fool Academy? Because it is not in vain Leo Tolstoy said, “Nothing is easy, does not contribute to bringing people closer together!”

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В инете есть дажей гей знакомства, а девушек там нет, которые бы предложили эскорт услуги по дешевке. Им нужны бляди, путаны и индивидуалки, которые будут давать в задницу. Пацаны же хотят увидеть большую грудь, размером с апельсин. Сиськи должны быть гигантскими, чтобы возбудить самца человека.