Baramui jeonseol

Life-Poon Sik was incredibly boring, until one day he met his old school friend Man-Soo.

His buddy was engaged in that lured the women by teaching them ballroom dancing and lure money from rich clients. Pun-Shik despised him, but when the Man-soo began to teach him to dance, he loved dancing wholeheartedly. He traveled across the country in search of teachers who can teach him the true art of dance. Years passed. Now he is - legendary dancer, but only in nightclubs. It is known to all as a gigolo, but he considers himself an artist. John Hwa - female police officer was assigned to get close to him and gather evidence of his guilt …
Starring: Lee Sung-Jae, Park Sol Mi, Kim Soo-Ro, Lee Kang-Hi, Moon Hee-Joon

В инете есть дажей гей знакомства, а девушек там нет, которые бы предложили эскорт услуги по дешевке. Им нужны бляди, путаны и индивидуалки, которые будут давать в задницу. Пацаны же хотят увидеть большую грудь, размером с апельсин. Сиськи должны быть гигантскими, чтобы возбудить самца человека.